Salome’s Tent opened for business in 2000 when Patsy Henry, a life-long student of dance, decided to turn her hobby into a passion for costuming. She very quickly became a supplier of “all things belly dance” to the growing local belly dance community, and eventually began taking her shop on the road by offering costuming at festivals and fairs. Then came the internet.

Patsy was also a well-known dancer who graced the stage as “Lisanna,” performing both as a soloist and as a member of local troupes. Sadly, Patsy passed away in 2009 after a 19-month battle with cancer. She was very private about her illness, and her death shocked the belly dance community. Emails poured in from around the globe when the word got out.

Patsy was known for her ability to take any dancer and whip together numerous costumes in record time. I have fond memories of shopping at her house and watching her run excitedly around looking through boxes and bins for just the right hip scarf or necklace. To her fellow dancers she was “my most dangerous friend.” No one escaped the costuming clutches of the great Lisanna!

As one of Patsy’s troupe members and friends, she entrusted her precious “Tent” to me. Filling Patsy’s shoes hasn’t been easy, but after months of organizing I am finally able to continue her costuming legacy. Thank you for your patience.

A Little About Me

I have been belly dancing for over 10 years, and have performed extensively in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I am proud to be a founding member of the award-winning, Easton, Pa.-based professional American belly dance troupe Embers & Emeralds.